Bully Busters Kids Program

Bully Busters Kids Program


“Hey Frank just a heads up. (Student’s) report card came in this week. Since starting classes with you (Student) has had a significant amount of positive changes in both his attention, attitude, and behaviour. Before joining the school I was receiving on average 1 call every 2 weeks from either his principal or teacher. Whether it was academic or behaviour related. He was having several issues making smart decisions, was associating with kids who liked to bully and while he wasn’t the aggressor he was apart of that ‘pack’. He was also having issues focusing in class and at mid term was a C and D student. Since starting his lessons and training with you he’s found something that’s lit a fire in him. He has not had a single call home in 4 months, his grades have jumped to all B’s and B+’s and his teacher and principal made a note to say how impressed they are with his progress the second half of the year. Thank you for being such a significant part of the positive change in his life. Most kids wanna be astronauts or fireman or pro sports stars growing up. (Student) is now telling me he wants to be a BJJ instructor. Amazing. Thanks for everything.”

BullyBusters BJJ Parent Testimonial

Niagara Falls Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids!

Brasa Niagara’s kids program offers a full BJJ, as well as “Bully Busters” curriculum.  Students will learn BJJ movements and strategies as well as approaches to dealing with bullying.  Class times are Mon 5pm-6pm and Sat 10am-11am and are lead by Niagara Falls’ only BJJ Black Belt. Send email to fungaro41@gmail.com with any questions.  Thanks!

Benefits of exposing kids to a BJJ program:

  • Learn the tools to deal with bullying in both a verbal and non verbal manner
  • Conflict avoidance is stressed as message
  • Physical Fitness
  • Discipline; Structure
  • Cerebral development/Problem solving skills
  • Character development – Students cannot advance in rank unless they submit a letter from their teacher and parents stating that the child is showing exemplary morals and conduct outside the dojo as well as inside

“Such an amazing program for kids! (Student) has been in it for a month and her confidence and attitude has already improved significantly. She counts down the days until her next class.” 

Bully BustersBJJ Parent Testimonial

“Challenges are significant when you have a child, but joining Brasa BJJ will help.  It not only provides a skill that a child can master, but it provides a discipline which can shape a positive attitude that can last throughout life.  Jiu jitsu cam teach how to accept failure while it strives to allow one to excel. The instructor Frank Ungaro and his assistants at Brasa are superb. They are consistent and are masters of their craft.  They know how to manage their students. They do not placate, they teach and demonstrate, so that children are always gaining knowledge and skill. Brasa is not just a discipline for the mind and body, it is a life skill that will benefit my child, hopefully for the rest of his life.  Thank you for what you do Frank, you are great!” 

BullyBustersBJJ Parent Testimonial